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Shanxi Xinxing Industry
    Series QJ, QK submersible electric pumps



    As a novel energy-saving product designed as per GB/T2816-2002, QJ series submersible pump is applicable to deep-hole water lift, farm irrigation and water supply & drainage of industrial and mining enterprises, mountains and rural areas. It features no pump house, simple structure, convenient installation, easy maintenance, stable performance, long service life, etc. QK series mine submersible pump is an advanced water lift tool specially designed for mine water drainage by special technology on the basis of characteristics of overseas mine submersible electric pump. It applies the latest technology—corrosionproof and wearproof material such as glass-lined coating to pump channel as a first within the industry. In this way, it has further improved smoothness of channel and extended its service life and enhanced use performance. It features flame-proofness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high efficiency, energy conservation, simple installation, movableness, vertical/inclined/horizontal installation/operation, etc.


    Main Performance Parameters: Flow: 5m3/h-700m3/h;

    Lift: 10m-980m;

    Voltage Grade: 380V/660V

    Matched Power: 3kW-220kW