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Shanxi Xinxing Industry
    YQSY、YQS、YQST submersible electric pumps



    Our submersible motor produced as per GB/T 2818-2002, is mainly divided into oil filled and water filled types: Oil filled type falls into YQSY150, YQSY200 and YQSY250. In this way, motor is internally filled with mechanical oil, with both ends supported by rolling bearing and upper side closed by hard alloy as mechanical seal. As a result, it is used either in condition with much silt or in a vertical, inclined or horizontal way. On the other hand, water filled motor falls into YQS150, YQS175, YQS200, YQS250, YQST200, YQST250, YQST300, YQST350, etc. Among them, YQS is ordinary submersible motor; YQST is pseudo Siemens motor with main wearproof parts (pilot bearing, thrust bearing, etc.) made of imported materials, characterized by high thrust load capability, high wear resistance, etc.

    Motor Performance Parameter: Matched Power: 3kW-450kW


    Voltage Grade: 380V/660V, 660V/1140V